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Lindsey G.

Bozeman, MT

Through coaching I was able to make significant changes in my personal career direction and also start living my dream, while still maintaining integrity with my responsibilities. I am so grateful for this season where Julie helped me find the courage to do what I had been wanting to for far too long!

Joi D.

Denver, CO

Julie has a pastoral ability to speak gently, but firmly into one's life for the purpose of transformation and action. As she invites me to discover and live into my original purpose, she is truly doing what she was made to do. She is a natural at exhorting and catalyzes change in one's thought pattern regarding God-­given identity.

Kimberly C.

St. Louis, MO

Moving to a new city, job and community after college turned out to be a rougher transition than I expected but God used Julie's life coaching to help draw out my whole self in the midst of an unfamiliar environment. Life coaching brought me out of paralysis and led me to have a taste of the freedom God originally designed for us to fully partake in.

Josh H.

Boise, ID

Working with Julie was great. She did an excellent job of figuring out who I was a person and tailoring her approach to that. She wasn't trying to fit me into an approach that would work for someone else. Julie did a wonderful job of both recommending changes and giving me tools that I continue to use now. 

Jaymi A.

Greeley, CO

For me, coaching was an extremely beneficial experience. The accountability of meetings with Julie, along with the discipline of creating and completing weekly action steps, broke me out of the analysis paralysis I was feeling. It was encouraging to have an ally who was invested in my success through this process.

Theresa O.

Bozeman, MT

Meeting with Julie has been incredibly instrumental in helping me to get "unstuck". Her capacity to listen, draw insights out of my heart and to help me see a much "Bigger Picture" have been so beneficial.

Michele C.

Oakland, CA

Julie's skill and talent as a life coach helped me reach my goal of being more present to my family and myself. I felt empowered every time we talked, and challenged to keep moving forward in owning the changes that I wanted to see happen in my life.

Ben C.

Bozeman, MT

Every aspect of my life was touched by this coaching. I walked away from this experience with better understanding of myself, with more skills for life, and a direction to go into the future. I highly recommend coaching as a way to get unstuck and to see catalytic change in your life. Julie provides a safe, professional, friendly, and empowering relationship, and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Kathryn S.

Boulder, CO

I have felt so blessed by my life coaching journey with Julie. She is incredibly compassionate and understanding but also knows how to kick you in the butt to push you towards God's plans for healing in your life. I am so grateful for the work Julie does and can't wait to hear the stories of so many others who are helped by her coaching.

Lauren T.

Denver, CO

Abound Life Coaching has been immeasurably helpful in my journey toward personal health. My husband and I agree that life coaching is the best thing money can buy.

Jamie D.

Bozeman, MT

Life coaching with Julie gave me the kick-start I needed to overcome internal obstacles that have prevented me from succeeding for years. I feel like she provided the external support and framework I needed to explore my goals.

Maribel N.

Ogden, UT

Doing life coaching with Julie was one of the best decisions I've made this year. I went from being sheltered and afraid to being opened and outgoing in my relationships and life. She encouraged me, she empowered me and she helped me see life in a new perspective. I am grateful for my time with her and I am proud of the things I accomplished with her help.

Yumi P.

Denver, CO

Julie is a wonderful and considerate coach! She helped me to see things in a new light and keep focused on the heart of the matter rather than on raw success. Thanks Julie for your listening ear, advocacy, guidance, and coaching!

Matthew M.

Boise, ID

What may seem impossible, in regards to change and what you're going through is completely possible. Unlike most coaching experiences I was familiar with, where the coach tells you what to do, this experience gave me the space to create my own agenda and talk about what I wanted to talk about. Although challenging at times, this was exactly what I needed.

Megan G.


I experienced Life Coaching as a timely intervention, a catalyst, that helped me forward in processing transition and implementing change. Working with Julie was a pleasure. Not only was she consistently organised and efficient, she listened well, asked helpful questions and was genuinely attentive and engaged during conversations.

Samantha T.

Orem, UT

If you want to live more into your identity, become more disciplined, and be less stressed, pursue life coaching with Julie! You won't regret it!

Scott D.

Helena, MT

Julie is great! She has a way of really understanding what is at the heart of the issue and helps heal the soul.  I would highly recommend Julie as a life coach.

Kelsey M.

Saskatchewan, Canada

Through my coaching sessions with Julie the scattered pieces came together; a new perspective was born and direction became a reality. I am so thankful for the discernment, support, and wisdom I received from Julie. I now can move forward again.

Geoff G.

Flagstaff, AZ

Life coaching helped me face some of my deepest issues, the ones it felt like I couldn't deal with on my own and helped me begin to learn positive, healthy, godly ways of overcoming them.

Karen F.

Bozeman, MT

I loved that Julie was invested in the process of discovery as we progressed through our coaching series. I felt supported, encouraged and challenged. This is a most valuable investment for everyone!

JessiLee F.

Bozeman, MT

Working with Julie empowered me to convert a potentially hectic and disorienting season of change into a fruitful season of self-discovery and growth. Julie helped me to maintain my focus and thereby accomplish vastly more in a short period of time than I would have without her coaching.

Allie N.

Bozeman, MT

Julie helped me to not only realign my goals and values back to solid ground, but to invigorate me and see all of my potential within. Because of Julie, I have a solid grip on that internal thread again, and can follow it with joy.

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