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I believe in our staff; they are our best resource and a worthy investment. I want to help them be all that God created them to be, as leaders and disciples as well as fully-formed human beings. Coaching is a stategic way to keep our staff healthy and growing into their potential. 


Here are a few resources I offer to your staff and staff teams as you invest in thier growth and development.  

Life Coaching


One-on-one coaching focusing on a specific growth area. This can be a ministry, personal, relational, or self-development goal. Space is limited.


12 weekly session via Skype or on the phone.


$360 transfered from staff's account to mine.

Motivational Gifts Training


Focusing on the Romans 8 gifts, the Motivational Gifts can help your team better understand their unique strengths and weaknesses, learn how to deal with conflict, see blind spots in decision making, and understand how to more effectively lead students. I can do this with your students, too.


This 8 hour, highly interactive training can be done in one full day or two half days.


$16 per staff for the workbook plus travel expenses.


Real Talk


This training will teach your staff practical life coaching skills that will enhance communication and help your staff more effectively lead and influence students. Real Talk is also a great at developing foundational discipleship and evangelism skills in your student teams.


Designed to be a full day training, but can be broken up into two half-days.


$15 per staff for the workbook plus travel expenses.

Prayer Ministry


Your staff will learn how to facilitate inner-healing prayer, allowing Jesus to re-write painful experiences and heal emotional (and sometimes even physical) wounds, much needed in our broken world.


This training requires two full days.


Travel costs only.

Chapter Camp Prayer Seminar Training


I will train and equip your staff to lead the Prayer Seminar. This could easily be a regional training for staff you want to develop as prayer leaders in your area.


This training requires two full days.


Travel costs plus photocopies of the Prayer Seminar Manal.

Contact me for more information about any of these services. I'm excited to partner with you in developing your team! If there are any other ways I can serve you, please let me know.



EMAIL          PHONE  406-599-5513

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