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Hi, friend. I'm Julie.

career coach, career coaching, life coach, life coaching
career coach, career coaching, life coach, life coaching
I'm a career coach and I work with people who are stuck in jobs they hate find real JOY and FREEDOM in their nine-to-fives.
A core belief that drives me as a coach is this:

When we discover and  live out our God-given purpose,

this world is a better place.


What we do MATTERS. Working within our passions and gifts is simply GOOD. It's good for the customers we serve, for the colleagues we work alongside, for our family and loved ones, and ultimately it's good for our own souls. 


Happiness and satisfaction in our workplace isn't a fantasy, and it's not just reserved for the smartest and most talented among us. It's available to anyone who has the courage to look inside themselves and awaken the slumbering dreams and desires within and refuse to resign themselves to a work-a-day existence. 


Whether you're 25 or 55, it's never too late to reach for the career of your dreams. Don't wait, friend. The stakes are far too high.



A little more about me...  
+ I am trained and certified through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching with over 150 course hours completed.
+ I'm a credential-holding member of the International Coaching Federation which means I'm held to the strictest ethical codes and core coaching competencies.
+ I have a master's degree in Adult & Higher Eduction from Montana State University.
+ I have over a decade of professional leadership experience with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.
+ I utilize personality & gifts assessments in order to tailor each coaching session to fit my clients' unique design. 
+ I coach clients from all over the globe but call Bozeman, Montana my home.
+ I have training and experience in cross-cultural and multi-ethnic relationships.
+ I am a warm and empathic “people person.” I create judgement-free spaces for my clients to explore what's possible.
+ I really do dream of the day when we all operate out of our strengths and gifts. What a beautiful day that will be!
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