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Discover what fortune 500 companies and the world's most successful executives already know...

coaching works.


Coaching is a healthy and strategic conversational model that goes beyond the surface in order to tap into the strengths, creativity and commitment of an individual, allowing that person to aim higher and achieve more than ever thought possible. 


A coach spends more time listening and asking questions

while a manager spends more time speaking and giving directions.


A coach invests time in observing

while a manager makes quick assumptions.


A coach uncovers issues to get the root of a problem

while a manager takes the quickest route to deal with the surface symptoms.


A coach helps direct reports accept responsibility

while a manager assigns blame.


A coach supports employees in developing their plans

while a manager gives them the plan and tells them to follow it.


A coach is committed to long-term success

while a manager is concerned about immediate results.



Coaching enables you to unlock the potential and true genius in your team members, resulting in higher-buy in, greater workplace satisfaction, and long-term growth.


You can learn the coaching skills needed to take your team to the next level!

Whether you are supervising volunteers or middle management, you can learn to coach your people toward the common goal.


Real Talk is a fun and interactive one-day training experience that will give you practical tools for developing people and reaching your organizational goals.


Drawing from the same principles and curriculum of intensive Life Coach training programs, Real Talk will equip you to use professional coaching techniques to revolutionize your everyday communication with clients, co-workers as well as your personal relationships.


Real Talk provides interactive training in listening for deeper meaning, asking questions to open others up and solving problems permanently without giving advice.


+ Make conflict less damaging and more productive


+ Activate strengths and potential in others


+ Quickly get to the root of a problem


+ Create a culture of ownership and responsibility


+ Unlock breakthrough conversations


+ Generate high level buy-in and commitment


+ Empower more, handhold less


+ Enjoy better relationships with team members more fun at work!


+ 8 hours of on-site training with a certified coach and coach trainer


+ Curriculum tailored to fit your organization’s unique culture, opportunities and challenges


+ A 28-page workbook for each participant


+ A minimum of 8 participants is required, with a maximum of 20


For-profit organizations




Non-profit organizations




Julie Helwig, ACC

Certified Coach & Coach Trainer

Julie Helwig is passionate about one thing: helping people living out their unique purpose at work, at home, and in their community.


Julie founded Abound Career Coaching in 2013 with the mission of helping her clients fall in love with Monday by discovering how their unique combination of gifts and experience connects with the world’s needs.


Julie has been coaching since 2013 when she earned her Growth Coach certification. She continued her coach training through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, receiving a Life Coach Certification and Leadership Coach Certification in 2014.


Julie holds an ACC accreditation through the International Coach Federation and is an active member of Toastmasters International


Julie has 15 years of non-profit experience working with emerging leaders in Montana and Colorado.


Julie and her soon-to-be husband, Bill live in Bozeman, Montana.

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