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What can I expect when working with a coach?

We will establish a solid coaching relationship by pinpointing a specific goal and determining what the desired outcomes will be. We’ll then create a plan of action. Each week we’ll monitor success, troubleshoot problems, and look for growth opportunities. You’ll walk away from each session with a set of clear and relevant action steps that will take you closer to your goal. Each session is specifically tailored to you; your personality, learning style, and the amount of time you’re able to invest are all taken into account!

As your coach, you can expect me to hold to these coaching values:

  • Transformation is primarily experiential, not informational

  • God initiates transformation through real, everyday life experiences

  • Effective coaching flows out of mental, emotional and spiritual maturity

  • Each person is a uniquely designed individual whom God has entrusted with a stewardship over his or her own life

  • Authentic relationships are foundational to leadership growth and abundant living

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