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It's time to fall in love with Monday

Let’s get real. What we do matters. We all know deep down that we were created for something extraordinary. Each of us has hopes and dreams that have been lovingly placed in our hearts by our Creator. Disappointments, hurts and the “daily grind” are all in competition with the grand vision that God has entrusted to us.

We spend roughly 30% of our adult lives at work. When you add in the years spent in school preparing for that job, you get a whopping 73%.

Whether or not you see these statistics as good news or bad probably has something to do with your level of satisfaction with your current career. Many of us go to work everyday with a sense of purpose and anticipation. But far too many wake up each morning with a sense of dread, enduring only for the paycheck that allows us to do what we really want to do. We’re left with a small fraction of time and energy to spend on the people and things we really love. There is a better way, my friend.

What if I told you that you were created with purpose for a purpose? What if I told you it was possible to work out of your passions, gifting, and all the experiences that make you you? What if the words "job" and "work" no longer evoked feelings of defeat and drudgery but instead brought a sense of purpose and joy? Can you imagine it?

It doesn't have to be just a dream. Let me help you discover all that's in you in order to find the perfect career that will fill you with life and energy [instead of sucking you dry]. Don't spend one more day in a job you hate. Life is far too short, my friend.

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