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These trainings have been designed to sharpen your communication and team dynamics. Contact me to find out more about how these training programs and workshops can help you bring out the very best in the people you lead and serve.



Whether you are looking to lead more effectively, serve with more impact, or start a satisfying new career, our comprehensive, 80-hour live, virtual Life Coach Training program (taught to ICF competencies) equips you with the foundational coaching skills you need to take your first client and become a certified coach!


For the past six years, Abound Career Coaching has partnered with the Christian Coaching School to deliver this truly transformational program.


The Power of Authentic Conversations

If there's one skill that will contribute to your success in any career or any relationship, it's communication. Good communication makes collaboration possible, it boosts morale and teamwork. We all know it's important, but how many of us have actually been trained in communication skills?


Real Talk is a fun and interactive one-day training experience that will give you practical tools for your personal and professional relationships.

Drawing from the same insights and exercises of intensive Life Coach training programs, Real Talk will equip you to use professional coaching techniques to revolutionize your everyday communication.


Real Talk provides interactive training in listening for deeper meaning, asking questions to open others up and solving problems permanently by not giving advice.


Ideal for small and large groups, Real Talk will help you:


+ Learn how to make conflict less damaging and more productive

+ Unlock the gifting and potential in others

+ Connect and communicate more authentically 

+ Become a more effective team leader or manager

You’ll learn ways to get a response instead of a reaction, how to jumpstart a significant conversation with anyone, and how to avoid the #1 killer of authentic communication.


Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock sustainable change through your ability to communicate!


Discover Your Motivational Gifts

This one-day seminar is a highly interactive experience that will introduce you to the spiritual gifts known as the Motivational Gifts found in Romans 12.

You’ll identify your spiritual gifts and learn to apply gifting principles to communication, conflict, personal empowerment, and team building. After completing this training you’ll have an understanding of basic human differences and how to leverage that knowledge to successfully partner with teams and individuals, as well as better lead your church, family, organization or team.


Behavioral Intelligence is a highly relational and practical training that provides insights you can use right away. Instead of lecture or a classroom format, we’ll use fun, interactive learning games and discussion times to demonstrate the real differences between people. Be prepared to laugh while you learn! You’ll leave empowered, energized, and knowing those on your team much better.


You’ll walk away with:

+ An understanding about how gifts influence conflict and communication issues

+ Tools for understanding how gifting contributes to job satisfaction and empowerment

+ A plan of action to apply this knowledge to your personal and professional life

+ A clear understanding of the Motivational Gifts God has given you

+ An ability to identify and appreciate the image of God in others

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